Thunder Compact is the latest product of Quanta Systems that follows the tradition of  short pulse laser systems. It is still capable of delivering a maximum energy of around 1 J at 1064 nm, but its size has been significantly reduced to make the machine easier to be transported and lifted.

Despite having reduced dimensions, it allows a quick and effective cleaning also of large surfaces. The system is suitable for the cleaning of stuccos, wood, textiles, glass and stones, thanks to the presence of both the infrared wavelength at 1064 nm and the visible light at 532 nm. The latter is particularly useful for the removal of biological encrustations.

Thunder Compact offers a modern and user-friendly touch screen interface, and the possibility to choose between footswitch and fingerswitch to operate the laser. Featuring two wavelengths, it has been designed to provide laboratories with a reliable tool performing even more brilliantly.


Multiple wavelength emission at 1064 and 532 nm

Beam delivery with sealed articulated arm

Very compact and easy to operate

Maximum output energies: 1J @ 1064nm; 500 mJ @ 532nm


Wavelength1064 nm and 532 nm
Pulse durationaround 6 ns
Max energy per pulse1 J @ 1064 nm, 500 mJ @ 532 nm
Repetition rate1, 2, 5,10 ,20 (20Hz up to 500 mJ- 10 Hz from 500mJ to 1 J)
Spot10 mm
Beam delivery7-mirrors articulated arm
HandpieceFixed focus
Beam profileGaussian
Power supply230V – 50/60 Hz – 10A
Dimensions24 x 79 x 92 mm
Weight60 Kg
Laser shutterControlled either by trigger on the handpiece or by footswitch
Cooling circuitWater/air