Light Brush 2 is an Er:YAG laser system optimized for the cleaning of artworks. Er:YAG laser cleaning is based on the strong absorption of the 2940 nm wavelength from superficial layers containing OH bonds.

Many studies have in fact shown that the Er:YAG laser exposure of a surface, dampened with a liquid containing – OH groups, effectively removes old varnish and other encrustations, without inducing unwanted chemical or physical changes on the original surface. For this reason, Light Brush 2 is particularly suitable for the removal of overpaintings and varnishes from wall and easel paintings.

Light Brush 2 is an innovative tool for restorers, thanks to variable energy emission from 50 mJ to 500 mJ and to adjustable pulse duration.


Compact Er:YAG laser system optimised for the cleaning of Cultural Heritage

Beam delivery through articulated arm


Wavelength2940 nm
Pulse durationVERY SHORT mode 150 µs, SHORT mode 250 µs, LONG mode 400 µs
Maximum energy500 mJ
EnergyVERY SHORT mode: selectable from 50 mJ to 300 mJ (step 50mJ),
SHORT mode: selectable from 100 mJ to 500 mJ (step 50mJ),
LONG mode: selectable from 100 mJ to 500 mJ (step 50 mJ)
Repetition rate1 ÷ 10Hz, 15Hz, 20Hz
Spot1 mm
Beam delivery7-mirrors articulated arm
Power supply230V, 50-60 Hz, 8.5A
Size and weigth23 X 65 X 68 cm, 47Kg
Laser shutterControlled by footswitch