Infinito Laser is the brand new product of El.En.

The system is equipped with a light and handy handpiece, and it is virtually maintenance-free. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of fine tuning the different emission parameters, allows the treatment of encrustations of various thickness and nature.

The laser is a 20W, 50W or 100W machine and the beam shape can be customized by the user: you can, for example, use a lissajous curve with a diameter up to 8 cm or a line with the same length according to your preferences and cleaning problem.
It is particularly suitable for the cleaning of architectural surfaces, façades, large statues made of stones or metal and for the removal of graffiti.

It has three lenses with different focal lengths. With f= 250mm the maximum scan size is 40x40mm, with f=355mm is 55x55mm to finally go up to a scan size of 80x80mm with the f=500mm focal length.


Active fiber laser doped with Ytterbium

Power 20W, 50W and 100W

Variable scan size up to 8 cm

Air-cooled, very quiet system

Precise cleaning also of delicate surfaces


Wavelength1064 nm
Pulse duration100 ns
Average max power20W50W100W
Selectable power10 – 100 % (step 10%)10 – 100 % (step 5%)
Repetition rate10 – 100 KHz (step 10 KHz)20-200kHz (step 5kHz)
Beam size80 μm90 μm
Max spot size80 x 80 mm
Spot shapeLine, lissajous, brushline,
lissajous/circle, brush
Beam guide1 mW; 650nm1 mW; 660nm
Beam delivery3m long optical fiber
ShutterControlled by a trigger on the handpiece
Power supply85 -264 V; 47-440Hz max 600W100 -230 V; 50-60 Hz max 800W
Dimension and weight63 x 44.5 x 26 cm; 25 Kg (handpiece 1.2 Kg)63 x 45 x 26 cm; 30 Kg (handpiece 1.2 Kg)