The growing need to preserve our cultural heritage is causing a rise in the demand for increasingly accurate cleaning techniques, featuring high selectivity and low impact.


During the past decade, it was provided substantial evidence that the laser pulse duration is the most crucial parameter in laser cleaning of artworks. This is why El.En., thanks also to continuous studies and optimisation in collaboration with national research centers, offer nowadays the widest choice of laser systems dedicated to laser cleaning of artworks with optimised pulse duration for this very specific application.

The wide choice of El.En. laser systems for cleaning is able to satisfy every customer’s need allowing to face successfully many conservation problems.


Laser Blaster is the brand new product of El.En. which meets the customer’s requirements of an extremely fast and handy laser system for the cleaning of very large surfaces

The laser is available with three different powers: 20W, 50W and 100W  and the beam shape can be customized by the user: you can, for example, use a lissajous figure with a size up to 8 cm or a line with the same length according to your preferences and cleaning problem.


The Eos Combo, the result of a collaboration between El.En. and the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) in the framework of the TEMART Project (POR CreO FESR 2007-2013), combines two pulse duration regimes in one system.
By pressing a key you can move from the Short Free Running (SFR) mode, with a pulse duration ranging from 30 to 110 microseconds, to the Long Q-switch (LQS) regime with 100ns pulses.


THUNDER COMPACT is the new product of Quanta System which follows the success of Thunder Art. This new laser system is still capable of delivering a maximum energy of around 1 J at 1064 nm but its size has been significantly reduced to make the machine easier to be transported and lifted.

 THUNDER COMPACT, despite having reduced dimensions, allows a quick and effective cleaning also of large surfaces.

EOS 1000 LQS

The Eos 1000 LQS adopts the particular Long Q-switch pulse length (100ns), specially designed and tested for the cleaning of the gilded bronze frieze of the Gates of Paradise, by Lorenzo Ghiberti, from the Baptistery in Florence.

The system was optimized in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Physics "N. Carrara" of the National Council for Research (CNR) in the framework of the ST@RT Project, financed by the Tuscany Region.


EOS QS is the latest product from El.En’s R&D team. EOS QS is a result of the decision to create laser systems with two possible pulse durations that are therefore more flexible and usable in many different cleaning applications. This system combines a Short Free Running regime (pulses from 30 to 110 µS) with a Q-switch pulse (duration 15ns), and energy output up to 140 mJ.


Light Brush 2 is an Er:YAG laser system optimised for the cleaning of artworks .

Er:YAG laser cleaning is based on the strong absorption of the 2940nm wavelength from superficial layers containing OH bonds.


Always keen on solving practical problems on restoration work sites, El.En. S.p.A. has devised a bluetooth control panel for its restoration lasers.  This ergonomic system has been specially designed and implemented to integrate all the advantages of using optic-fiber laser systems.