The growing need to preserve our cultural heritage is causing a rise in the demand for increasingly accurate cleaning techniques, featuring high selectivity and low impact.


During the past decade, it was provided substantial evidence that the laser pulse duration is the most crucial parameter in laser cleaning of artworks. This is why El.En., thanks also to continuous studies and optimisation in collaboration with national research centers, offer nowadays the widest choice of laser systems dedicated to laser cleaning of artworks with optimised pulse duration for this very specific application.

The wide choice of El.En. laser systems for cleaning is able to satisfy every customer’s need allowing to face successfully many conservation problems.


BlackBox is a machinery designed and implemented to record all the information relevant to the transport and the stopovers of the works of art. By memorizing humidity, temperature, pressure, lighting and acceleration readings on the three axes, the system assesses the transport and/or storing conditions in a warehouse or museum during permanent or temporary  exhibitions. BlackBox does not release electromagnetic radiations, therefore it may be installed on any kind of support and means of transportation. Black Box has an average 15-day autonomy and a memory allowing the storage of up 2 GB.